Tank water
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Fire Safety

Prepare for the risk of rural fires

If you rely on tank water for your domestic supply you need to be alert to the steps you can take to prepare your property to help rural firefighters and urban first response units.

A key consideration is access to water for fire and emergency services to use. Here are three basic points to remember:

  1. LOCATION – Ensure your water tanks are within 90m of your home with good access and a hard stand.
  2. CONNECTION – Make sure your water tanks have a FENZ approved 100mm female swivel coupling for quick connection to firefighting hoses.
  3. CAPACITY – FENZ recommend a minimum 45,000L is available at a flow rate of at least 12 litres per second. This may require connecting two tanks on your property.

For more information and advice, contact your local fire station and talk to your local Fire and Emergency New Zealand manager.

Having access to sufficient quantities of water in the early stages of fire suppression activities has a significant effect on the outcome. A minimum of 45,000 litres of water is required to fight a house fire for one hour. This may mean that you require two or more water tanks to supply enough water to last an hour. When connecting your tanks it is important to use a 100mm balance pipe (tank connection) to ensure sufficient flow to meet FENZ pump requirements.

Firefighting Accessories

To effectively fight fire the minimum pressure required at the pump is 100kpa at maximum design flow. To maintain the required flow rates it is important that the water storage system is designed with a 100mm tank outlet and that any connector fittings are also correctly sized at 100mm.


RXP has a range of fittings specifically designed to meet fire service requirement for rural properties.

Firefighting Kit 100mm

Meets fire service requirement for rural properties. Comes with a 100mm tank vent.

Dual Tank Connection Kit 100mm

Provides a single source of water with a larger reserve. Meets firefigthing standards (SNZ PAS 4509 : 2008).

45,000L Water Reserve Kit

Ensures enough reserve is maintained at all times while using 2 x 30,000L tanks.

RXP Max Tank Range

RXP MAX Tanks are available in a range of sizes which can be joined together in series to provide the full volume of water storage required for your property.






Karaka Green

Dark Grey

Light Grey

The water tank range


350kg - 3,050mm x 3,900mm

26,000L (SI only)

375kg - 3,000mm x 3,550mm

25,000L (NI only)

378kg - 3,000mm x 3,500mm


275kg - 2,520mm x 3,000mm

10,000L (NI only)

250kg - 3,365mm x 2,150mm

Where to Buy

Order from your local merchant or irrigation specialist



Water Storage

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MAX tank (10,000L - 30,000L)

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Small tank (500L – 7,500L)

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500L - 30,000L

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