Drainflo® and Drainflo® HD for the optimal combination of strength, durability, flow and drainage. Available punched (for drainage) or unpunched (for fluid transmission).

With two different strength options available – SN6 (yellow stripe) and SN10 (red stripe) and also available with a pre-applied Cirtex® filter sock for an extra level of filtration.

For improved soil health and surface quality, choose Drainflo – 100% recyclable Polyethylene drainage.

The Drainflo® range

Drainflo 65mm

Coil lengths: 15m, 30m, 50m, 150m

Drainflo 110mm

Coil lengths: 15m, 30m, 50m, 100m

Drainflo 160mm

Coil lengths: 15m, 45m

Drainflo HD 110mm

Coil length: 100m

Drainflo HD 160mm

Coil length: 45m

Benefits of Drainflo®

Superior drainage and filtration

Drainflo® products have a specially designed slot pattern to maximise drainage and enhance product strength. Moreover, they can come with custom-made Cirtex® Filter sleeves that have been designed to protect subsoil drains from sedimentation.

Durability and strength

After almost 50 years in the New Zealand market, these products have truly stood the test of time. This is why they’re IANZ accredited and verified by ISO 9001 certification. They are also independently verified by Bureau Veritas to meet the SN6 and SN10 stiffness rating.

Flexibility and range

The sheer range of product options means that you have a choice of diameter, length, stiffness and filtration to suit your particular needs, whatever they are. Should you choose, you also have the option of the Drainflo® smooth range, which has 50% higher flow rates – ideal for low gradient or high volume applications.


Drainflo flyer

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Drainflo installation

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