G-Set™ irrigation system utilises a programmable and wireless control system, creating a permanent solid set irrigation solution.

Capable of operating in almost all environments even where terrain or field shape are a problem to traditional systems. While providing an even application over large areas at a low application rate to prevent runoff and maximise grass growth.

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G-set™ options


Low to the ground fixed irrigation systems


Post mounted fixed irrigation systems


Control for all your solid set applications

Benefits of G-set systems

All terrain

Our systems are capable of operating in almost any environment, in areas where traditional centre pivot or travelling irrigators would struggle including land with an unusual shape or steep slopes.

Easy installation

G-set can be setup without the support of third-party irrigation installers, following our simple guides and with expert support from our team.

Greater efficiency

We understand water is a precious resource so our systems are designed with efficiency in mind. With features to reduce water pooling, run-off, and loss to atmosphere as well as control application rates, our solutions help you get the most out of every drop.




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Installation Guide


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