K-Line® is a flexible pipe and sprinkler pod system that delivers cost effective, water efficient irrigation, effluent dispersal and dust suppression across multiple applications.

K-Line® is ideal for farms unsuited to centre pivot travelling irrigators, land areas of unusual shape, Lifestyle blocks, sports fields, construction sites and family homes.

For a custom K-line® irrigation or effluent solution, please contact us to find out more.

K-Line Packs

DIY 3 Pod Pack

Suitable for lifestyle blocks or small farms, 0.4ha to 0.8ha

3 Pod Pack

Suitable for 0.4ha to 0.8ha

4 Pod Pack

Suitable for areas up to 1ha

5 Pod Pack

Suitable for areas up to 1ha

5 Pod Extension Pack

Dust Suppression Pack

Bright pod for construction sites

Benefits of K-Line™

All terrain

Our systems are capable of operating in almost any environment, in areas where traditional solid-set, centre pivot or travelling irrigators would struggle including land with an unusual shape or steep slope or in sites where they’re not practical, such as construction zones or home gardens.

Easy installation

Our K-Line system is very easy to setup with no prior experience necessary. Detailed instructions included in our K-Line pod packs.

Greater efficiency

We understand water is a precious resource so our systems are designed with efficiency in mind. With features to reduce water-pooling, run-off and loss to atmosphere, as well as control application rates, our solutions help you get the most out of every drop.



K-Line 1 pod, DIY 3 pod pack

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K-Line Dust Suppression

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K-Line Pod Pack Selection

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K-Line Effluent Selection

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Installation Guide

K-Line DIY 3 Pod Pack

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Installation Guide

K-Line Pod Pack

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Installation Guide

K-Line 5 Pod Extension Pack

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K-Line Effluent

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