Low Density Fittings

The only thing that’s changed is the colour –
from green to blue!

Our LD fittings are now made by Philmac, the fittings specialists with a trusted reputation for quality. Philmac, like RXP, are part of a wider group of companies owned by Aliaxis. As fitting specialists exporting to 35 countries they have a trusted reputation for producing high quality products. Philmac manufacture the RXP fitting currently.

We are changing the branding from RXP to Philmac– the only difference is the colour of the nut has changed from green to blue. Everything else remains the same – same great design with comfortable easy grip, same tough quality proven to withstand New Zealand farming conditions.

Philmac LD Fittings Features

Comfortable easy grip nut design to ensure a simple, positive engagement every time.

Manufactured from tough, impact resistant glass fibre reinforced nylon for long product life in all general working applications.

Independently tested and verified to be compatible with a wide range of pipe in service.

Secure pipe connection with barbed insert and barbs inside pipe to provide interior grip and prevent dislodgement. Sharp nut teeth bite onto pipe and compress the open pipe end behind the fitting barbs.

Commitment to quality

Independent testing was carried out to prove that the fittings would suit a wide range of pipe in service. Each fitting size was subjected to the following tests at 20°C:

  • Resistance to pull-out of assembled joints
  • Internal pressure test on assembled joints
  • Resistance to leaking when subject to bending

This test was conducted on RXP LD, EnduroFlex™, Alkathene™ and Rural B-Class Australian pipe. Also suitable for a wider range of flexible pipe and hoses. The fittings were also tested and meet the requirements for potable water applications to AS/NZS 4020.




New Philmac LD Fittings Brochure

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