Made for construction

Dust suppression pod is easily identifiable with it’s bright orange colour. The pods are preassembled in the dust suppression pack and the fastest assembly from pack to working in 30minutes. The couplings offer quick assembly and allows for any arrangement. Compared to other pods it has allows for larger spacings due to the minimal application rate needed for dust suppression.

Pod Features

U-Bolt inserted into the plastic pod to make it easier for screwing on the tapping saddles.

Sprinkler is fully adjustable. You can set it's radius up to 11m, irrigate part circle or full and you can set sprinkler on full mist for light application.

Couplings on both ends for easy assembly and disassembly of pod line.

3Pod dust suppression pack

The dust suppression pack is fully modular to any terrain shape for dust control for 2,000m2/day. All pods come pre-assembled for fast assembly time on site. Comes with 66m of pipe and cutting tool for placing the pods at the distance you need.

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